Board Games Based On What?


Every so often there’s some form of tabletop game released based on a movie, or movie franchise. For example we’ve seen some great ones released over the years based on the Star Wars series. However, what I find most interesting is when films that you wouldn’t think warrant a game have one released such as the Iron Sky board game from Revision Games, and Devious Devices’ forthcoming Sharknado board game. While I’ve never played the Iron Sky game, or even heard of the Sharknado one until yesterday, I do find the idea of their existence curiously interesting. Most would agree that the films aren’t award winning quality. However, I personal found them entertaining and an enjoyable watching experience. Bring on Iron Sky: The Coming Race and Sharknado 4!

If you’re not familiar with the films all you really need to know is that the Iron Sky movie is about a group of Nazis who fled to the Moon. While hiding there they built a space fleet. Then in 2018 they return to Earth attempting to conquer it. The Sharknado franchise is basically about super storm waterspouts that gather up sharks and dumps them onto the continental United States. With the resulting flooding chaos and carnage ensue.

Now, will I purchase the games based on these films? I can’t say, though I do find the idea of beating back the armies of the Fourth Reich as they descend upon the Earth from their secret base on the Moon an exciting proposal. Furthermore, a game involving sharks, chainsaws, and mass carnage also sounds like a riot of a good time… with the right group of course. However, I’m still not convinced that I need them in my gaming library.


Truth be told we don’t know much about the Sharknado game at the moment (other than the fact that it involves various sharks, chainsaws, explosions, carnage, and body parts), but we do know that in the Iron Sky game the players assumes the role of continents trying to fend off an orbital assault from the Reich as they attempt to seize territories.

Does your enjoyment of these film franchises have you interested in killing a few Nazi’s, and blowing up some sharks?
Have you played the Iron Sky board game?

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