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Hexelis’s RPG History

I’m always interested in peoples stories of how they got into role-playing and how their experience has evolved, so here’s mine.

Nineteen eighty nine, twelve years old and in the 7th grade, my friend Casey and I were all about X-Men comics. I was also into Nintendo, books (mostly Stephen King), movies and writing stories. My brother and I would make characters and stories with our G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures. At that time I had only messed around with AD&D, before that D&D was a mythical thing my uncle did, evil and of the devil. A year later that same uncle introduced us to Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu, he gave me the Red and White books from 3rd edition and that began my RPG journey. We even got our dad playing, who is still an avid gamer to this day. Read more