International TableTop Day


In less than two weeks on Saturday, April 30th the world will celebrate International TableTop Day. You can head over to their website to see if your local gaming shop is participating. If they’re not then just grab a few friends as well as some games and have your own tabletop celebration. Read more

Announcing Chaosium’s First Organized Play Campaign


Here at the Lodge it is no secret that we love the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. Most of us have over 20+ years experience playing and / or running it. So when Chaosium announced that they were doing their first ever organized play campaign called A Time to Harvest… I got excited, though some members remained neutral.

For the daring Keeper (aka Game Master) who wishes to embark on this grand adventure campaign you must know that it is a six-part campaign set in 1930 with one installment being released over a six month period. Your players are all students at Arkham’s Miskatonic University who will not only be “drawn into a dark web of intrigue” they will also explore various locations that make up Lovecraft Country.

While the campaign is designed for the 7th edition rule-set, which has been recently released digitally with the print version coming soon, it can be played using older editions. Some minor adjustments will need to be made, but nothing that should really slow down a seasoned Keeper. That said, if you don’t have a previous edition of the rules, and you’re not a digital fan, you can pre-order the print edition HERE.

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Board Games Based On What?


Every so often there’s some form of tabletop game released based on a movie, or movie franchise. For example we’ve seen some great ones released over the years based on the Star Wars series. However, what I find most interesting is when films that you wouldn’t think warrant a game have one released such as the Iron Sky board game from Revision Games, and Devious Devices’ forthcoming Sharknado board game. While I’ve never played the Iron Sky game, or even heard of the Sharknado one until yesterday, I do find the idea of their existence curiously interesting. Most would agree that the films aren’t award winning quality. However, I personal found them entertaining and an enjoyable watching experience. Bring on Iron Sky: The Coming Race and Sharknado 4!

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6SI Double-Barrel Blast: Jeff Combos of Exile Game Studio


Today we introduce a follow-up series called, Double-Barrel Blast. These posts will serve as extras to our Six Shot Interviews. That said, not every interview will require or even demand a follow-up, but occasionally one will. Such as today’s…
Last December I had the privilege to conduct a 6SI with Jeff Combos, President & Creative Director of Exile Game Studio. It was a fantastic interview concerning his award winning tabletop role-playing game, Hollow Earth Expedition, and the Ubiquity rule-set that powers it. Currently Exile is running a successful Kickstarter for their latest product in the HEX line – PERILS OF MARS – a collection of four sword and planet-style adventures.

On Kickstarter now through April 1, 2016

On Kickstarter now through April 1, 2016.

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WPGL is going to the 1d4Con!


That’s right. Starting on April 15th, members of the Wood Planet Gaming Lodge will be attending the 1D4CON to be held at the Comfort Inn in Martinsburg, WV. Pre-registration for gaming tables has already opened. Fans can catch a glimpse of the vast majority of the WPGL staff on Saturday hovering around many of the Call of Cthulhu tables.

Registration for the Martinsburg 1D4CON event is still open, and games start at 2PM on the 15th. Convention rates are available at the Inn.

Hope to see you there, and as always, Game On.