KS Highlights: Age of Cthulhu 9 – The Lost Expedition


Yesterday without much fanfare Goodman Games launched their latest Kickstarter – The Lost Expedition. This one is the latest in their Age of Cthulhu series of scenarios, and not surprisingly within 24 hours they’ve nearly reached their funding goal.

This title will be the ninth installment in their line of adventure modules officially licensed by Chaosium. Much like the eighth module – Starfall Over the Plateau of Leng – this one will also be released in hardcover. However, unlike the last adventure this time the intrepid investigators will not find themselves bumbling through the Dreamlands, but somewhere else just as terrifying.

Deep in the Gobi Desert, the investigators discover a strange artifact amidst primordial fossils. The alien device is a gateway to a conduit to travel throughout the cosmos, known as The Great White Space. The investigators are then propelled to an alien world ruled by the Elder Things, a strange alien race of macabre scientists. Desperate to find a way home, the investigators must survive a hostile and alien world filled with mutant dinosaurs and the Elder Thing’s amorphous and putrid slave-beasts, the shoggoths!


Besides being compatible with the recently released Call of Cthulhu 7th edition they’ve got some fantastic stretch goals lined up. Some of which will be guidelines to run this using Chaosium’s forthcoming Pulp Cthulhu rules, four short side adventures to keep the investigators busy, as well as the possibility of a sewn-in satin bookmark (which frankly is something I wish was standard in all role-playing books).

Additionally, if you’re new to the Age of Cthulhu line (like me) you can add-on any, or all, of the previous eight adventure modules, as well as Transatlantic Terror which is a digital only mini-adventure that was one of the stretch goals from the previous Age of Cthulhu Kickstarter campaign.

Are you a fan of the Age of Cthulhu series of adventures?

Or perhaps you’re a Call of Cthulhu Keeper with no knowledge of this line of scenarios.

Either way it doesn’t matter… if you’re looking for some fresh 1920’s madness to send your team up against be sure to check out Goodman Games latest offering to the Great Old Ones – The Lost Expedition.

On Kickstarter now through June 7th.

What’s been your favorite adventure in the Age of Cthulhu line?

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