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ADMIN NOTE: Previously Ed participated in one of our 6 Shot Interviews. You can read the interview HERE.

Howdy from Pinebox, Texas!  As I’ve been asked to submit an article for the Wood Planet Gaming Lodge, I was considering all the different things I could discuss here.  Friar Jay, graciously told me I could write about anything whether it “related to Savage Worlds, GMing in general, Miniatures gaming (think X-Wing), board games (think Firefly), etc.”  It’s dangerous to tell me I can write anything I want to.  That’s one of the reasons it took so long to get East Texas University (ETU) done.  I’m a writer with ADHD and way too many hobbies. So, let’s begin my rambling:

1st Ramble: ETU is a Horror Game

I was reading on some threads where some gamers think East Texas University is meant to be played in a slap-stick, silly style.  Others argued it was more true horror.  Some didn’t think it was horrific enough and wanted to bring the Great Old Ones into it.  Well, as the writer I can tell ya what I meant.  It is heroic horror.  I’ve always been a believer that good overcomes evil.  The Good Guys win.  That’s why I always describe it as what the 4th season of Buffy should have been.  Last Rites of the Black Guard, Bloodlines, Skinwalker, and Class Ring are all adventures full of horror.  Ain’t none of those slap stick, or pun-ish humor.

However, we also produced Chickens in the Mist (my favorite all-time convention game). Redneckromancer is another great one sheet and is full of humor and horror. Why?  I also like humor.  I love that fans have created things like the Jello-shot monster, Beelzabubba, and others.

So I guess what I’m really saying here is that ETU is the game YOU want it to be.  If you want that slap stick stuff, do it.  If you want real horror, do it.  If you prefer a mix (like I do), do it.  To me that’s the wonderfulness that is Savage Worlds.  It’s all about the trappings baby!  What game do you want to play?  Play it!  Don’t like something, don’t do it.  Want to do it differently?  Fine!

I’m gonna say this one time, “Any time you get together with friends, enjoy a night of gaming and sharing a common intellectual, imagination-filled, experience, you win.”  The game system is just a vehicle.  Some like crunch, some like story-telling, some like something in the middle.  It’s your damn game, so go play it!

Okay, 1st  Ramble is done.

2nd Ramble: Miniatures

Damn I love Star Wars minis game.  I think the Millennium Falcon is way too powerful, but other than that, I wanna play.  I’m working on my Imperial collection.  If you see me at a con between games, and have time and minis, ask me to break it out and I’ll definitely say YES!

What I want to see are some game write ups and strategies for ways to win- ala Star Trek back in the 80s.  I’d love to hear some thoughts on that.

As for ancients minis, I still prefer Armati over DMA and DBM.  That being said, my Roman army has been boxed for over a decade.  Need to get it out sometime. Same with my WWII minis, WWI minis, and Civil War minis.  Someday I’ll finish that painting, basing, and play some….someday right?

3rd Ramble: GMing in General

Random Pinebox Businesses

Column A Column B Column C
1 The Original Stovepipe
2 A Gathering Place
3 Bill’s Classic Diner
4 Martha’s Raging Bar
5 Texas Cajun Restaurant
6 Pinebox Mexican Cantina
7 Grandma’s Farming Supply
8 Grandpa’s Tractor Warehouse
9 Raven’s Motor Parts and Accessories
10 Classic Loving Automotive

Just roll a d10 twice for column A and B, or thrice for column’s A, B, and C.  I love charts.  Ain’t a lot of thought in this one, so enjoy.

4th Ramble:  Board Games

I love them.  My wife is the greatest Lords of Waterdeep player I’ve ever known.  She wins almost every game.  I love that one, but others are fun too.  Of course I love playing Firefly with all the add ons.  I don’t really enjoy the collectable card games too much, but they are okay.  I play a lot of Memoir 44, though it really limits what you can do due to the random command cards.  I’ve enjoyed Settlers of Cataan, but damn that gets old quick.  My friend, Clay Conditt plays a lot more board games than I do, so I often ask his opinion or follow him on various boards.  Of course you can also check out the articles posted here for lots more.

So there ya have it.  A few rambles by Ed.  Hope you enjoyed it and I’d love to hear from ya’ll.  You can befriend me on Facebook or email me at ewetterman@gmail.com.

Till next time, Keep it Savage!

EdWroundEd Wetterman, is a modern horror game designer and author. He was a founding partner of 12 to Midnight (12tM), a modern horror role-playing game company, in 2002. 12tM now publishes through Pinnacle Entertainment Group (PEG). Ed now serves as a Line Director and author of recently published East Texas University (ETU) and Degrees of Horror. He published Class Ring for the ETU setting and is currently working on Dark Legacies (a haunted house plot point book for ETU). Ed has written many articles and short stories including The Witch of Linda Lane for Buried Tales of Pinebox, and Hellfighter for PEG.

ADMIN NOTE: Previously Ed participated in one of our 6 Shot Interviews. You can read the interview HERE.

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