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For the glory of Dak-Gul! Reviewing Barbarians Versus…


In today’s post we look at Precis Intermedia‘s second edition release of the tongue-in-cheek role-playing game, Barbarians Versus…. This is a game that, before the release announcement, I knew nothing about. However, my curiosity was perked. There was something about it that seemed interesting. After all, what’s not to love about Barbarians defending their land against Vile Reptilian Invaders from Outer Space?

The newest edition was published just this year. However, the game has been around since 2004 when it was originally released by Mystic Ages Publishing. This latest release, available in both print and PDF, has 68 pages of black and white content which, from my understanding, is double the size of the first edition.

A barbarian without his axe may be more dangerous than a barbarian with his axe. – Ancient Barbarian Wisdom (Barbarians Versus – 1st edition)

Grab your mug of Mush (Barbarian Alcohol) and let’s break down the table of contents to see what this game entails. Read more

The Resistance – Art of Backstabbery

The Resistance

It might be telling of my board-gaming group that we seem to prefer games with a healthy element of treachery. For the longest time, Battlestar Galactica filled that need. The game even started to leak into other aspects of our gaming. A couple rounds of Murder on the PC can quickly start accusations of so-and-so being a Cylon. Because let’s be honest – it’s always much more fun to be the Cylon.

The same mentality extends – in aces – to the board-game The Resistance. I say board-game loosely. If I were being truthful, the game is really more of a simulation of how to quickly lose friends. It combines all of the backstabbing needs of Galactica down to a thirty-minute game-time and has already replaced the aforementioned title as our board-game-of-choice when we feel the need to plant a dagger into a friendly back.

So how does it work?

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Fire Everything! Looking at BattleTech: Alpha Strike

Husks of steel and synthetic muscle fibers propel a massive machines as tall as small office buildings. Each metal monster lumbers about, sporting enough weaponry to eradicate those offices, plus the entire city block. These massive icons of war clog the tabletop battlefield.

These are the tools of war BattleTech have offered for some thirty years.

Yet, one of the first barriers to entry in this game rests at its very core. The most common issue for new players with the traditional BattleTech system lies in its depth and complexity. BattleTech is not a system for those daunted by preparing their taxes. The pieces of paper that compose the meat of a BattleMech even look complex before a pen is ever even applied.

So is Alpha Strike, its new fast-paced system any fun? Read more