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Howdy from Pinebox, Texas!  As I’ve been asked to submit an article for the Wood Planet Gaming Lodge, I was considering all the different things I could discuss here.  Friar Jay, graciously told me I could write about anything whether it “related to Savage Worlds, GMing in general, Miniatures gaming (think X-Wing), board games (think Firefly), etc.”  It’s dangerous to tell me I can write anything I want to.  That’s one of the reasons it took so long to get East Texas University (ETU) done.  I’m a writer with ADHD and way too many hobbies. So, let’s begin my rambling: Read more

Fire Everything! Looking at BattleTech: Alpha Strike

Husks of steel and synthetic muscle fibers propel a massive machines as tall as small office buildings. Each metal monster lumbers about, sporting enough weaponry to eradicate those offices, plus the entire city block. These massive icons of war clog the tabletop battlefield.

These are the tools of war BattleTech have offered for some thirty years.

Yet, one of the first barriers to entry in this game rests at its very core. The most common issue for new players with the traditional BattleTech system lies in its depth and complexity. BattleTech is not a system for those daunted by preparing their taxes. The pieces of paper that compose the meat of a BattleMech even look complex before a pen is ever even applied.

So is Alpha Strike, its new fast-paced system any fun? Read more