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6SI Double-Barrel Blast: Jeff Combos of Exile Game Studio


Today we introduce a follow-up series called, Double-Barrel Blast. These posts will serve as extras to our Six Shot Interviews. That said, not every interview will require or even demand a follow-up, but occasionally one will. Such as today’s…
Last December I had the privilege to conduct a 6SI with Jeff Combos, President & Creative Director of Exile Game Studio. It was a fantastic interview concerning his award winning tabletop role-playing game, Hollow Earth Expedition, and the Ubiquity rule-set that powers it. Currently Exile is running a successful Kickstarter for their latest product in the HEX line – PERILS OF MARS – a collection of four sword and planet-style adventures.

On Kickstarter now through April 1, 2016

On Kickstarter now through April 1, 2016.

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6SI: Jeff Combos of Exile Game Studio


At the beginning of the year I found myself streaming Pulp flavored films, and reading Pulpy stories. It was during this time of drinking deep in the pulp genre that I discovered Exile Game Studio‘s excellent role-playing game, Hollow Earth Expedition. Reading through the various titles in the line, as well as engaging on the Exile forum, and the HEX Explorers group on Facebook, that I knew that I wanted to ask Exile’s President & Creative Director, Jeff Combos, to take part in our Six Shot Interviews series. Thankfully he agreed. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with Mr. Combos, and I look forward to our future interactions.

Jeff Combos

Jeff Combos, President & Creative Director of Exile Game Studio

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6SI: Ed Wetterman of 12 to Midnight


A few years ago I was running a campaign using the Cortex powered Supernatural role-playing game. My dilemma was that I didn’t want to follow the pattern of the television series and make it a constant road trip. So, I decided to use the free setting of Pinebox, Texas which is from the folks at 12 to Midnight (12tM). The Pinebox locale was a hit for the players in the sessions. Over the years, and because of facebook, I’ve had the chance to connect with some of the 12tM guys.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pinebox, Texas setting here’s a blurb from the Pinebox Campaign Setting page on the 12tM site:


The Pinebox campaign setting focuses on the horrific and supernatural elements that lay hidden in our modern world. In this setting, supernatural entities exist but are hidden and are considered myths, legends or stories by a majority of humanity. Heroes (or Investigators) seek out the truth and often have the unenviable task of combating the evil horrors they uncover. Pinebox reflects the modern (albeit rural) world we live in, but slightly askew. Global conspiracies, hidden secret societies, and paranormal activities are real, as some among us today would argue. Imagine if the stories of hauntings, vampires, or witches were true.

Heroes in a Pinebox adventure are generally humans with normal skills, abilities, and knowledge who get caught up in the world of the supernatural. Therein lies the horror and fantasy of the campaign. While characters may gain great knowledge of the arcane and supernatural, the truth will remain hidden from the world at large. Certain government agencies and secret societies have a vested interest in preserving the status quo.


For this installment in the Six Shot Interviews series I had the chance to connect with Ed Wetterman, whose not only the Executive Vice President & Secretary, but also one of the founding partners of 12 to Midnight. Read more

6SI: Mixtape Massacre from Bright Light Media, plus Mistress of The Dark Giveaway


Welcome to the the first of many Six Shot Interviews.

These interviews will consist of six questions and will feature people from various areas of the tabletop gaming industry. Some of the future interviews you can look forward to will feature two different seasoned writers of role-playing games, the woman behind a fun cryptozoology based card game, and the guy responsible for a series of highly successful, yet tiny, epic games.

For the launch of this series I wanted to go with something that hasn’t proven itself yet. So, I reached out to Bright Light Media about their Kickstarter project which is currently underway and they responded positively. Their project is called Mixtape Massacre and it’s looks fantastic. The game is built upon the solid foundation of 80s horror and unlike current horror games it doesn’t focus on zombies. As both a Kickstarter addict and a fan of 80s horror, having grown up on a steady diet of horror, I immediately fell in love with the concept of this game and backed it on it’s launch day.

For this Six Shot Interview I had the chance to correspond with Freddie Carlini, Founder and Creative Director of Bright Light Media, about Mixtape Massacre. After the video you’ll find the interview, and at the conclusion of the interview you will find out more about our first giveaway.

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